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What's this?

A managed library that helps call system functions in .NET program in a few lines of code with better object-oriented/event model. For example, adjust system volume, change desktop wallpaper, handle system hot keys.


Implemented (only available in the latest source code set)
  • Screen saver related functions
  • Set system date and time
  • Mouse related functions (hover area, speed, double click speed, Mouse Trails, snap to default button, wheel speed)
  • Double-pressed event support in system hot keys handling.

Released (build 0.1.0141.4)
  • Display settings
    • Desktop (wallpaper, work area)
    • Font smoothing settings
    • Menu-related settings (shadow, alignment, animation, show delay, etc.)
  • Volume control (AudioMixer)
  • Show/hide Desktop
  • System hot keys handling (in event model with naming hot keys)

  • Desktop background
  • Display resolution
  • Keyboard/mouse-related settings

Let us know if you need some system feature calling in your .NET program, then we can work them into our planned feature list.
The classes and functions are subject to be changed without any notice so that your code might not work on new release of the library.

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